Stephen Cobb

This site is being developed for Stephen Cobb, an award-winning technologist, bestselling author, independent researcher, and public speaker. Stephen works at the nexus of risk, technology, gender, ethics, and public policy.

You can find out more about Stephen on LinkedIn and Wikipedia. To connect with Stephen, you can follow @zcobb on Twitter.


Stephen Speaking

Links to events video and audio of Stephen speaking.

For example, TEDx, San Diego, DEFCON, and more

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Stephen Cobb speaking

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Cobb Family Tree

Thanks to a family tree developed several generations ago, Stephen has always known where he came from, and where a lot of Cobbs around the world come from. He has shared a picture of this tree in the interests of genealogical research.

Cobbs on Security

Read what Stephen and Chey have to say about cybersecurity.


Visit Stephen's personal blog.